It’s a New Year, a time for reflection and an opportunity to build on the successes of last year. So like me, many of you will have sat down recently to sketch out and refine your focus and direction for the coming months. The problem is that this takes time and commitment and many of you will skimp or pay lip service to this process or ignore it completely because you’re too busy running your business.

Why bother, can’t I just continue with business as usual?

In an ideal world that would be the case but you’re now operating in a quickly changing marketing landscape where you need to have a really good understanding of:

  • Your marketing environment
  • Your Competition
  • Your Customers
  • Your own internal skills and competencies
  • The ever-evolving marketing tools available to target your audience

You may have a local, regional or national customer base but the internet and social media has now opened up your marketplace to competition from all over the globe and you need to be ready for this.

How can I keep on top of these changes?

There are a number of options available to you and the ones you choose will depend on your own circumstances e.g. budget, time, resource, skill set etc. I spent the latter half of 2016 putting together a new range of marketing services to help businesses and individuals in your position, including:


Option 1: My Marketing Training Services will show you how to do it

Every business is unique and can be at different stages in its marketing evolution, that’s why I offer standard and bespoke marketing training options to suit both your budget and your skills and experience. Sessions include

  • The fundamentals of marketing
  • An introduction to content marketing
  • An introduction to digital marketing
  • An introduction to marketing strategy and planning
  • Get more from LinkedIn
  • Coaching and mentoring

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Option 2: My Marketing Coaching And Mentoring Service will help you see the big picture

It may be that a training course is not the best vehicle for your needs and you’d like a programme tailored to your own business needs with sessions spread over a longer period of time. I’ll provide you with a comprehensive understanding of how to market to today’s audience through 12 face-to-face sessions where we can take a deep dive into the issues hindering your current business success.

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Option 3: My Marketing Consultancy Services will help you do it for yourself

I’ll provide guidance, direction and hands-on support when you’re busy or where you don’t have all of the skills or resource the project requires.

As a hands-on marketer, I don’t just advise you on the best approach, I roll up my sleeves and help plan and deliver the results you need.

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Option 4: My Virtual Marketing Director Service will help you do it for yourself

I’ll take responsibility for creating and delivering your marketing strategy and help implement and manage your marketing activities.  I’ll help you to work smarter and get a better return from your marketing activities at a fraction of the costs of recruitment.

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Make sure you’re marketing to today’s audience and keep your business ahead of the completion. Get in touch today and find out more about how I can help you grow your business. Call 01803 413481 or email [email protected]