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As an experienced marketing consultant, I see on a daily basis how digital technology is disrupting the marketing world at a terrific pace. This continually changing process can be confusing and difficult to keep on top of.

But if you’re not taking advantage of the latest tools and techniques to get in front of a new audience in your target markets, you may be left trailing in your competitors wake.

Instead of worrying about what to do next, why not hire a marketing consultant so that you can focus on your core business? With a wealth of experience across various market sectors, I keep my marketing skills up-to-date so you don’t have to.

As a marketing consultant I can spend a few hours per month bringing you up to date with the latest technology or trends, or to give you clear feedback, advice and recommendations on your marketing activities, and I can:

  • Help you define your business objectives
  • Formulate and implement your plan for success
  • Audit your current website and marketing activities
  • Identify methods of acquiring new customers
  • Look at ways to increase profitability from your existing customer base
  • Determine how to build a solid web presence and promote your business online
  • Implement a demand generation engine
  • Have a regular review of your campaigns or strategy
  • Set up and manage your Google AdWords account
  • Manage your marketing campaigns
  • Plan and create your content marketing activities
  • Develop your social media strategy
  • Or discuss any other issues you may face

Take advantage of my monthly, retained packages and get access to the skills and experience you need from as little as £299 per month. Alternatively, if you’d like me to take responsibility for delivering your complete marketing programmes, take a look at my Virtual Marketing Director service.

Whether you’re a start up, an SME or a business looking to expand to the next level, if you like the idea of having expertise available to you as and when required, give me a call on 01803 413481 or email [email protected]

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Andrew came in and hit the ground running. We needed quick results and he delivered. His knowledge of marketing strategy and his wealth of experience enabled us to quickly identify the appropriate channels and determine the best way forward within our target markets. I’d have no hesitation in using him again or recommending his work to others.

Adam Floyd

Owner, Absolute Product Design Limited

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101 marketing tips for SME business owners and managers

If you own or manage a function within a small business environment then you’ll definitely be interested in my latest marketing guide. It’s stuffed full of useful hints and tips that you can immediately implement to improve the return on your current marketing activities. And no, it’s not a typo. There really are 101 marketing tips within this guide. Download it today!

If you’re an ambitious business looking to move to the next level, starved of time, resource and skill get in touch and we’ll find out if there’s an opportunity to work together. Call me on 01803 413481, email [email protected] or use the contact form below.