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What is Content Marketing

Content marketing is a strategic marketing technique where through the creation and distribution of content that is judged to be relevant, compelling and valuable you will attract, acquire and engage a clearly defined audience with the ultimate objective of converting that prospect into a client.

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Do I need a content marketing strategy?

Yes, your content marketing strategy will be directly related to your marketing objectives and your customers’ needs. A content marketing strategy will determine the type of content you need to help you position your business, differentiate that offer against your competition, increase brand awareness and drive the lead generation process.

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How does Content Marketing fit in with my existing traditional marketing methods?

Content marketing is platform agnostic i.e. it is applicable to both your online and offline marketing. Traditional marketing still has a part to play but as more people switch off to the broadcast approach to marketing, they are carrying out more of their own research online before engaging with a supplier.

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What skills do I need to successfully manage a content marketing programme?

It’s arguable that to be successful in any business you need to have a good understanding of marketing and marketing strategy. You need to know your audience and what keeps them awake at night and you need to fully understand the benefits provided by your own products and services.

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How do I get started in Content Marketing?

A good starting point is a content marketing audit. This is an inventory of all of your existing marketing collateral, such as current web pages, printed material, slide decks, blog posts, advertising, brochures and any old material hidden away in filing cabinets or folders that might be put to good use.

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How do I create a content marketing plan?

In the content marketing plan, you determine your target audience and build buyer personas or profiles for each sector you intend to target. You can then build an editorial calendar to plan the content you are going to deliver to each audience.

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How do I measure the success of my content marketing activities?

Like all plans this depends on the objectives you set yourself at the start of the programme or campaign, it’s also impacted by how close your marketing and sales/commercial systems are linked but the ultimate aim we are looking for is a conversion.

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