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How does Content Marketing fit in with my existing traditional marketing methods?

Content marketing is platform agnostic i.e. it is applicable to both your online and offline marketing. Traditional marketing still has a part to play but as more people switch off to the broadcast approach to marketing, they are carrying out more of their own research online before engaging with a supplier.

Traditional marketing techniques rely on interrupting an audience to promote a product or service, even when they’re not interested in buying. This kind of outbound marketing is costly and is losing much of its impact as buyers become more cynical about interruption-based marketing techniques.

Content marketing, supported by social media and search marketing, is a better and more affordable way to promote your products and services. It attracts potential customers by helping them to find useful, interesting and relevant information online, wherever they may be in the buying process.

There are two main triggers that can be attributed to the gain in popularity of content marketing.

The first is the reduction in the impact of traditional marketing methods such as trade shows, direct mail, advertising and telemarketing etc. Some in the business will dispute this, however, more and more people are adding themselves to the telephone preference service, tradeshows figures are in decline, the effects of advertising has been diminished through fragmented platforms and technologies such as TiVo where users can eliminate the ads on the programmes they record and there is just too much junk mail sliding across our desks and through our letterboxes.

The second trigger is the rise in social media platforms, these have increased the ability to get found via video, slidedecks, podcasts, photos, tweets, eBooks etc that are hosted on sites in addition to your traditional website.

Many traditional techniques still have their place and can support a content marketing strategy for example targeted email campaigns to an audience captured through a content marketing programme (who have opted in to receive company information) can be used as a lead nurturing tool. Print or on-line advertising can work within a content marketing programme to help raise awareness and increase brand equity; this can have a positive impact on clickthrough rates to your website.

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