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What skills do I need to successfully manage a content marketing programme?

It’s arguable that to be successful in any business you need to have a good understanding of marketing and marketing strategy. You need to know your audience and what keeps them awake at night and you need to fully understand the benefits provided by your own products and services.

Content marketing is just another part of the marketing toolkit but it’s a complex one because it continues to evolve through changes in technology and is now a major part of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) or how you can help your website/content get found by the search engines. Content marketing goes hand-in-hand with social media so it helps if you can think like a publisher and have a view on how you can wring the maximum ROI (Return On Investment) out of each piece of content you deliver.

In addition, a good overview of the various social media platforms will help and how best to use them to achieve your objectives. It would be remiss of me not to mention the various Google tools available such as Google Analytics, Google (and Bing) AdWords and Google My Business etc.

Throwing all of the above into the mix means that an additional skill to help you survive is the skill of project management, bringing the mix of these tools together in a successful manner.

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e. Email support
f. Quarterly performance review report

£495 per month*

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Content Marketing Boost

You get:

a. Initial fact finding meeting
b. SEO and Keyword review
c. 60 day tailored content plan
d. Blog creation – 2 per month
e. Enewsletter copy – 1 per month
f. Telephone support
g. Email support
h. Monthly telephone review
i. Quarterly performance review report

£895 per month*

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Content Marketing Super+

You get:

a. Initial fact finding meeting
b. SEO and Keyword review
c. Persona creation
d. 60 day tailored content plan
e. Blog creation – 2 per month
f. Social media posting (2 channels)
g. Enewsletter copy – 1 per month
h. Telephone support
i. Email support
j. Monthly face-to-face review
k. Quarterly performance review report

£1,195 per month*

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All monthly packages require an initial mandatory discovery workshop charged at £250 +VAT and a minimum commitment of 6 months. An exit fee of £150 for each remaining month is charged if cancelled before 6 month term. After 6 months payment terms switch to rolling monthly contract with 30 days’ notice to cancel. Prices shown exclude VAT.

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