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Google AdWords (PPC)

It’s a busy world out there and your prospects have plenty of choice. You need to work hard to get noticed and pull good quality traffic to your website.

To get the best long term results for your business, you need a website that’s optimised for search and a link-building strategy in place. But that can take time.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising also known as online advertising, paid search or Google AdWords can give you positive results within an hour of going live.

Paid search via Google can be a very cost-effective way of driving targeted traffic to your website. It’s a great option if you’re not ranking well in the search engines with organic search alone or if you’d like to give your content or current campaigns a boost.

PPC advertising is not restricted to the Google search network. Bing and many of the social networks offer a PPC advertising option. Image based ads can be used on the Google Display Network and YouTube offers its own version of advertising, managed via the Google AdWords platform.

Google AdWords allow businesses of all sizes to advertise and reach their target audience without breaking the bank, but managing a Google AdWords account can be complex and time-consuming. Calling in a Google AdWords Certified Partner who also happens to be a CIM and Google qualified marketer, to do it for you, enables you to spend your own time more productively.

I can help you reach your target audience through:

  • Google Pay Per Click advertising; Get your message on page 1 of the search engine results (SERPS) page
  • Google Display Advertising; Improve brand awareness on websites across the internet
  • Google Remarketing; advertise to your previous website visitors as they browse the internet
  • YouTube Advertising; promote your videos on YouTube and target a specific audience
  • Social media advertising; target your potential clients on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn

If you need help to raise your business profile online or would like me to audit your current AdWords setup, get in touch. Call me on 01803 413481 or email


Andrew Leon Walker is an officially certified Google Partner.

This means I have passed the appropriate Google certification exams and Google are happy with the performance of my managed accounts. This also means I have access to Google support and assistance to ensure you get great results.

If you’re an ambitious business looking to move to the next level, starved of time, resource and skill get in touch and we’ll find out if there’s an opportunity to work together. Call me on 01803 413481, email or use the contact form below.