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How do I generate leads from my website?

Most visitors to your website won’t be ready to make a decision, they’ll be researching their options. So you need to ensure your web content answers their questions and you need to offer the opportunity for them to get in contact with you and/or provide them with an option to provide their email address in exchange for something they’ll deem to be of value.

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How do I improve my lead conversion rate?

It’s an all-too-familiar story for a lot of marketers. A lead generation campaign is hugely successful, resulting in a deluge of new contacts. But soon after all the juicy contact details are handed to the sales team, the complaints start coming back: “Why did you send over those lousy leads?” The reason, of course, is that not every contact you get is ready to purchase straightaway.

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How do I prioritise my leads?

Visitors to your site will be at differing stages in the sales or buying cycle, so they won’t all be interested in downloading your general brochure. Some of the leads you generate won’t be ready to buy immediately. If you call these people up or try to push them into making a purchase before they are ready, you risk losing them entirely.

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Should I clean and segment my database?

That’s a definite yes. Sending out vanilla flavoured messages to your complete database is a definite no-no. Your audience will switch off or unsubscribe. You end up minimising the impact of your messaging and your targets may miss out on a fantastic offer because they now ignore whatever you send.

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