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Lead generation activities to create MORE fee paying customers

The beauty of lead generation using inbound marketing techniques is that it generates sales leads without you having to cold-call anyone. Prospective customers find your content through their search, social media or paid advertising activity, and the way they interact with it provides clues about what they’re interested in knowing about your business 

By the time you first contact an inbound lead, you already know they’re interested in your business because they will have visited your landing page and made a conversion such as registering to receive your newsletter or requesting a visit. This saves a lot of time and effort and helps to build trust and credibility earlier in the communications process.

But some of the leads you generate won’t be ready to buy immediately. If you call these people up or try to push them into making a purchase before they are ready, you risk losing them entirely so you need to take a different approach.

Lead nurturing is the art of keeping in contact with leads, often through a series of emails, until they are ready to commit. Providing a regular supply of interesting and relevant content can significantly increase the proportion of leads that eventually buy from you.

I can help you with your lead generation activities by:

  • Working with you on your content marketing plan
  • Creating and managing your customer acquisition and retention campaigns
  • Working with in-house staff or 3rd party designers to build specific campaign landing pages
  • Helping to craft your offer
  • Making sure your Calls To Action are working
  • Setting up a lead nurturing process via email autoresponders
  • Managing your Google AdWords campaigns

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