Many business owners I speak to tell me that they get most of their business and lead generation from referrals and that’s great. It means plenty of satisfied clients are happy to promote that business to their own contacts. But the problem with referrals is you can’t plan for them. Like buses they may come along en-masse or not for ages so we need to consider additional ways to bring in new leads generation opportunities.

One way to do that is through your website.

Your website is the window into your business and can heavily influence the perception of visitors towards your company and it’s offering. It’s important to get the design and navigation right to encourage visitors to explore a little deeper. But it doesn’t make any difference how many visitors you have if they’re not converting into opportunities.

Hubspot has put together a number of good ideas to generate leads from your website in this post The Anatomy of a Lead Generating Website. I encourage you to take a look

Andrew Leon Walker