Is the marketing (R)evolution passing you by?

Marketing is evolving quickly and it can be difficult to keep up. Over 12 x 2 hour, face-to-face sessions I will provide you with a comprehensive marketing overview tailored to your own business needs and delivered at a pace that suits you.

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Andy is a first-class marketer who understands the power of using content to generate awareness, interest and leads, and to turn interested prospects into satisfied customers. He’s also a lovely person to work with and I’d recommend him to anyone looking to build a successful content marketing strategy.


Fiona Campbell-Howes

Owner, Radix Communications

Big Picture Marketing coaching and mentoring service

The Big Picture Marketing coaching and mentoring service is designed to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of how to market to today’s audience.

It will provide you with a working knowledge of end-to-end marketing from the initial strategic audit through to measuring and analyzing your activities and help you:

  • Plan and implement your route to success
  • Get your business found online
  • Generate and convert more quality leads
  • Monitor and analyse your success  

Over 12 x 2-hour training sessions I’ll take you through each of the stages mentioned below. I’ll tell you What you need to do, Why you need to do it and explain How to do it. I’ll answer your questions, bring your knowledge up-to-date and explain how to integrate these services to work together to provide a winning outcome and take a more holistic and smarter approach to marketing.

Who will benefit from my Big Picture Marketing coaching and mentoring service?

  • Any business owner or business manager who wants to improve their knowledge and understanding of marketing
  • Employees who are new to a marketing role or those who have been given additional marketing responsibility
  • Employees who need to develop their marketing knowledge and understanding, but a marketing course or one-off training won’t meet their needs
  • Interns, PA’s, junior and mid-level marketers who want to develop their knowledge and grow their careers
  • Directors who require a more in-depth understanding of marketing to help in their day-to-day operations
  • Marketing practitioners and marketing agency staff who want to update their marketing knowledge and skills

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I worked closely with Andy for over 13-years. Determined and tenacious, Andy could always be counted on to deliver high quality results. He was instrumental in establishing and growing the Acterna Access business in the Asia Pacific region from scratch to a #1 market position.


Alan Luscombe

Marketing Director, Uninterruptible Power Supplies Ltd

How my Big Picture Marketing coaching and mentoring service works

In total, you get 24 hours face-to-face time with me where you can focus on the real life marketing issues you face in your business and ask questions related to the specific problems currently hindering your success. At the end of each session, you’ll have some additional reading to be completed before the next date. There’s a lot to get through and we’ll cover the following:

Planning For Success

a. The role of marketing
b. Goals and objectives
c. Your audience, your competition, your company
d. Segmentation, targeting and positioning

Understanding the role of your website

a. Responsive design and layout
b. Branding and lead generation, 
c. Content and resources
d. Trust and credibility


a. Website optimisation
b. Social media profile and page optimisation
c. Content optimisation
d. Conversion rate optimisation

Digital Measurements

a. Google Analytics
b. Google Search Console
c. Google My Business
d. Google Trends
e. Google Keyword Planner

Content Marketing

a. Why is this important?
b. The content creation process
c. How to repurpose content
d. The editorial calendar

The fundamentals of blogging

a. How does blogging work
b. Blogging best practices
c. Topics, titles and keywords
d. Blog optimisation

Social Media Marketing

a. Identifying the right platforms for you
b. Setting up a listening post
c. The hub and spoke model
d. Getting started

Digital (inbound) Marketing

a. Push versus Pull marketing
b. Understanding the buyer’s journey
c. Buyer personas
d. The offer, landing pages, CTA’s and thank you pages

Online Advertising

a. Paid versus organic
b. Pay-Per-Click, Display, Remarketing
c. Social media advertising
d. The set up process

Email Marketing

a. Content and context
b. Creating email lists and managing your data
c. Design for action
d. The lead nurturing process

Marketing Analysis

a. Collecting the data
b. Data insights
c. Managing the customer experience
d. KPI’s and metrics

Completing The Plan

a. Finalising your plan
b. Determining the budget
b. Outstanding questions
c. Next steps

Each 2-hour timeslot can be arranged to suit your diary and you can complete the sessions at your own pace in anytime up to 6 months.

* Alternatively you can choose to complete the course in 6 x 4 hour sessions.

At the end of this programme you will have the knowledge required to create, manage and implement a targeted marketing plan to help skyrocket your lead generation and conversion rates and grow your business.

Why Work With Me?

I’m Andrew Leon Walker, founder of Rame Digital Marketing and have over 25 years marketing experience. I designed the digital marketing workshop programme on behalf of Superfast Business and delivered it across Devon and Somerset. I have also provided marketing workshops and presentations on behalf of the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

I have an MA in Marketing from Plymouth University Business School, I’m a CIM qualified Marketer, a Hubspot Certified Inbound and Email Marketer, a Certified Google Partner, a graduate of Google’s Squared Online Digital Marketing Programme and I’m also a member of the UKTI Digital Supply Partners Programme.

If you need to learn a new skill, bring your existing skills up to date or are looking for guidance and support on your marketing activities, then get in touch.

Andrew’s enthusiasm for his topic is refreshing and inspiring. He introduced us to a new way of thinking which challenged our ideas and helped us develop the way in which we approach our working practice.


Julia Browne

Marketing Executive, TLH Leisure Resort

If you’re an ambitious business looking to move to the next level, starved of time, resource and skill get in touch and we’ll find out if there’s an opportunity to work together. Call me on 01803 413481, email or use the contact form below.