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Your Audience Want To Know Your Story

Content marketing, supported by social media marketing and search marketing, is a better and more affordable way to get your business found and to highlight your solutions. But it’s more than just posting the occasional blog. Your audience will have different needs and wants at various stages of their buying journey and they’ll have differing preferences around the type of content they consume and where they consume it.

It’s all about your story, it’s become strategic and my range of options can help.

Whichever option you choose you’ll get access to a Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) and Google qualified marketer with a track record of using content to help businesses grow.

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Option 1: Outsourced Content Marketing Packages

If you’d rather outsource your content marketing activities to an experienced and qualified marketer then I can help.

Choose the package that’s right for you or get in contact if you need a more tailored approach.

Content Marketing Packages

From £495 per month. *Minimum commitment 3 months

CM Essentials Package

You get:

  • Initial fact-finding meeting
  • 30-day rolling content plan
  • Blog creation – 1 per month
  • Enewsletter copy – 1 per month
  • Weekly support call
  • Email support

£495 per month*

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An affordable content marketing package providing a framework for growth, ideal for those businesses in the development stage of using content to market their business.

CM Support Package

You get:

  • Initial fact finding meeting
  • SEO and Keyword review
  • 30-day rolling content plan
  • Blog creation – 2 per month
  • Enewsletter copy – 1 per month
  • Telephone support
  • Email support
  • Quarterly planning meeting

£695 per month*

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A suitable solution for businesses already taking a content marketing approach to promote their business but have hit a plateau and need access, guidance and support from an experienced content marketer to really engage with their audience.

CM Partner Package

You get:

  • Initial fact finding meeting
  • SEO, content and Keyword review
  • Persona creation
  • 30-day rolling content plan
  • Blog creation – 2 per month
  • Social media posting (2 channels)
  • Enewsletter copy – 1 per month
  • Telephone support
  • Email support
  • Monthly planning meeting

£995 per month*

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A comprehensive package of content marketing support aimed at businesses who want to position themselves as the trusted resource for their industry but need outside help from an experienced and qualified strategic content marketer.

*Minimum commitment 3 months.

Option 2: Ghost Blogging Service

Blogging is the first step on the content marketing ladder. It’s a long-term discipline, a discipline that’s hard to stick with when the pressure is on because it takes time, effort and consistency.

But blogging can be really important to your business, to help get your message out there to those who have an interest in what you have to offer.

You can do this yourself but you haven’t done it so far, have you? If you don’t have the time, resource and skills required to kick things off, but more importantly to keep them going, let me do it for you.

I’ll provide help, advice and support on your overall content strategy.

No more procrastinating.

Option 3: Content Marketing Planning Meeting

Imagine if you had a content plan that highlighted the type of content you needed to create and when, the medium to use, the key phrases, the topics, what part of the buying cycle it targeted, where it would be distributed and how it would be promoted. That would really be something special.

During this 2 hour face-to-face meeting (if local) or Skype call we’ll explore your content marketing challenges and then I’ll provide a written list of recommendations to help you raise the profile of your business.

Let’s get together over an Americano.

Option 4: Content Marketing Planning Workshop

During this half-day session, we’ll take a close look at the key issues your customers face and determine the best way to raise awareness of the solutions you provide.

I’ll help you identify and map the customers journey, explore the kinds of content that will attract and engage your target audiences, determine the best methods to distribute your content effectively and affordably, using your website, social media and potentially Pay-Per-Click advertising and create a schedule of content that ensures you always have something new to publish.  We’ll also look at ways to re-use and re-purpose your content into new formats to maximise your Return On Investment (ROI).

If content creation is a resource issue we can discuss how my Ghost Blogging service can help by posting regularly on your site, under your name.

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Read The Comprehensive Content Marketing Case Study

Discover how a Devon based SME used a content marketing approach to target new and emerging market opportunities that were opening up in several market sectors across the globe.

Find out how through a focused content marketing plan Spirent were able to target several key international markets and position themselves as a “Thought Leader” within those target markets and generate and increase sales leads leading to higher conversion rates and more success.

And how through this process were able to generate, capture and process more than 4800 emails in exchange for a series of ebooks resulting in some form of engagement across more than 70 countries. 

Find out how.

Content Marketing In Action

Proven Results

“Andy is a first class marketer who understands the power of using content to generate awareness, interest and leads, and to turn interested prospects into satisfied customers. He’s also a lovely person to work with and I’d recommend him to anyone looking to build a successful content marketing strategy.”

Fiona Campbell-Howes, Owner – Radix Communications

Why Work With Me?

I’m a graduate of Google’s Squared Online Digital Marketing programme, a Hubspot Certified Inbound Marketer and a Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) qualified marketer.

I understand the importance of content creation, promotion and distribution to help businesses succeed. If you need help with your content marketing activities, get in touch.

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