When it comes to actually write a blog post, sometimes it’s difficult to know where to start. You begin to question how interesting your business actually is and wonder why anyone would be interested in reading about it.

But believe me, if you scratch below the surface you’ll come to realize that your business has a great story to tell and a blog is a great platform to tell that story to the world (or your target audience at least).

If you find that hard to believe, think about this. Coca Cola spends gazillions of dollars on writing about brown fizzy liquid and manages to keep us entertained along the way, perhaps that puts things into perspective.

All bloggers start out with good intentions and there is buy-in and goodwill from all those involved. A post gets written every week for a few months but eventually, postings fall to twice a month because of other priorities. Then over time it fizzles out entirely. No surprise there because who has time to blog in today’s business world anyway?

Blogging is a long-term discipline, a discipline that’s hard to stick with when the pressure is on. But blogging can be really important to your business, to help get your message out there to those who have an interest in what you have to offer.

A blog puts you on the first rung of the content marketing ladder and is a springboard towards greater things. If none of your competitors are blogging then this is a great chance to steal a march on them.

You already understand that it makes sense to create content that helps attract new customers, engages with your current customers and highlights what you can do to help them solve their problems.

But building an audience for your blog can take time, effort and consistency. Many businesses give up far too early. Don’t make that mistake.

The road to marketing effectiveness can start with a simple question

I write for several clients and I get asked on a regular basis, “Can you write a blog for us?”

I say of course I can, that’s a given but are you seeing the big picture?

Yes, I will research the story and write the blog.

But when you receive the final copy and upload it to your site, make sure you take the opportunity to really help your content get noticed.

Upload the blog to your site along with a relevant image and ensure the image and the blog are optimized to get found by the search engines.

Take snippets of the blog and promote it across your social media channels, increasing the potential audience. More people get access to it.

Great stuff.

But why stop there? Take that blog post, tweak it slightly and upload it as an article to your LinkedIn platform. At the end of the month you can use the blog as the basis of your email marketing message because the audiences are different, and for those who aren’t, it’s reinforcing the message, more people read it.

Even better.

Take blogs written over the previous few months (or future blogs) and combine them into a downloadable pdf e-guide and upload it to your site. Then promote this e-guide via other blog posts, your e-newsletter, across social media platforms and optionally via Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising. People start to download the e-guide in exchange for an email address enabling you to build your own audience

Set up email autoresponders to kick in and send a series of emails to these contacts offering other opportunities to engage.

This is starting to get interesting.

Let’s take it a stage further. You can also add these email addresses (collected within GDPR guidelines) to your master email list and start to market to these people. In addition, because these people have visited your website, the remarketing campaign that you’ve had set up for you kicks in and your messages follow these visitors across the internet keeping your brand front and centre in their mind.

Now it’s getting even better still

And if you really want to be crowned king or queen of content marketing you can use that e-guide to develop a ppt slidedeck that can be used for sales promotion purposes, the slidedeck can be uploaded to Slideshare and added to your LinkedIn profile. It can be given a voiceover and uploaded to your YouTube channel as a video. And at each of these stages, you can be promoting the slidedeck/video via your social media channels, amplifying your voice and increasing the possibilities of engagement.

Now we’re talking super cool.

But imagine if you had a content plan that highlighted the type of content you needed to create and when, the medium to use, the key phrases, the topics, what part of the buying cycle it targeted, where it would be distributed and how it would be promoted.

That would really be something special.

You can do this yourself but you haven’t done it so far, have you? And do you really have the time, resource and skills required to improve the effectiveness of your marketing and take your business to the next level?

Stop procrastinating, you know you’ll never get round to doing it. So get in touch and we can chat about how my Ghost Blogging and content marketing service can work for you.

Call 01803 413481 or email help@andrewleonwalker.co.uk or check out my content marketing packages

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