I'm open for business and ready to help with new services designed to provide face-to-face or remote support.
I'm open for business and ready to help

Marketing Coaching

Helping Small Business Owners And Managers To Be Comfortable Operating In The Digital Marketing World

I’m Andrew Leon Walker.
Marketing Coach And Mentor.

My marketing coaching and mentoring sessions help marketers and non-marketers alike to become more comfortable operating in the digital marketing world. These sessions may be more appropriate than a specific training course as each session can be broken down into shorter timeslots to suit your diary.

The service consists of a mix of face-to-face sessions with telephone, email or video conferencing support where required, providing more opportunities to explore the specific marketing challenges you face.

Typically we’d plan for 3 to 6 sessions, depending on your needs with the sessions being extended if required.

The ultimate aim would be to raise your level of knowledge and confidence to a stage where you’re happy to discuss marketing issues with colleagues and peers or operate and manage within a digital marketing environment.

Get in touch to find out how I can help.

Andrew Leon Walker Marketing Coach

Call: 01803 413481 or Email: help@andrewleonwalker.co.uk

Who Will Benefit From My Marketing Coaching Sessions?

  • Any business owner or business manager who wants to improve their knowledge and understanding of marketing
  • Employees who are new to a marketing role or those who have been given additional marketing responsibility
  • Employees who need to develop their marketing knowledge and understanding, but a marketing course or one-off training session won’t meet their needs
  • Interns, PA’s, junior and mid-level marketers who want to develop their knowledge and grow their careers
  • Directors who require a more in-depth understanding of marketing to help in their day-to-day operations
  • Marketing practitioners and marketing agency staff who want to update their marketing knowledge and skill

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