I'm open for business and ready to help with new services designed to provide face-to-face or remote support.
I'm open for business and ready to help

Marketing Packages

Get The Advice, Guidance And Hands-On Digital Marketing Support Your Business Needs For A Set Monthly Fee.

Marketing Packages

As every business is unique I offer a flexible marketing package that can be tailored to your exact requirements to get your marketing on track and delivering the results YOUR business needs.

Get the “joined-up” marketing approach required for each key stage of your business evolution to ensure your activities are working together to attract, convert and retain a continuous stream of prospects and customers.

Marketing support is just a phone call away

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Marketing Packages From Andrew Leon Walker

Call: 01803 413481 or Email: help@andrewleonwalker.co.uk

Where Does Your Business Need Help?

Market Development

Looking to expand into new markets or launch new products or services? I’ll research the marketplace to determine the opportunity, understand the competitive environment, analyse the target audience and report on the best way to meet your challenges and minimise your risks.

Marketing Preparation

I’ll audit your current activities, platforms, processes and procedures to ensure they’re fit for purpose. Identify your value proposition, check your web content and navigation, social media platforms, SEO issues and ensure sales and marketing are working together.

Andrew Leon Walker Marketing Coach

Marketing Planning

I’ll create the bespoke digital marketing strategy and tactical action plan your business needs to deliver your aims and objectives. I’ll explore the customer journey; competitor activities, key messages and audience personas to ensure your marketing activities are focused on your key customers and channels.

Marketing Delivery

I will take responsibility for delivering the plan, implementing the agreed activities, on time and on budget, monitoring and analysing results to ensure you’re on target to meet your KPI’s and metrics. I’ll work with your internal staff or third-party suppliers and keep you up to date at each stage of the process.

How Does It Work?

You may need help and support at one particular stage or across all four. But if you’re not too sure exactly what it is you need, no problem. Rather than pay for specific services or worry about specific stages, you can retain my expertise for a number of hours per month. I’ll get to work on your priority issues and call off the time against your block booking.

The minimum block order is 10 hours (£600), these can be called off over a 3 month period.

Get in touch and we can discuss and agree on the marketing activities your business needs to help you build a sustainable advantage over the competition.

Call: 01803 413481 or Email: help@andrewleonwalker.co.uk

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