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Removing the barriers to improving performance.

Today’s audience has a multitude of marketing channels to choose from and you can’t be everywhere. So it’s vital to know if you’ve chosen the right channels, your messages are aligned, on-brand and targeting the right audience.

Before you spend any more of your marketing budget on more of the same you need to be sure your marketing activities are really delivering.

My marketing troubleshooting services will determine the effectiveness of your current marketing spend and provide you with a list of quick wins and recommendations on how and where you can improve your results and get a better return from your marketing activities.

Once that’s understood I can help you develop your platforms and processes to remove any bottlenecks or barriers getting in the way of growth, work with you to develop a plan to boost your results and if required take responsibility for delivering a marketing programme to help you win more business and retain your current customers.

Whichever option you choose you’ll get access to a Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) and Google qualified marketer with over 25 years experience in multiple industries and sectors.

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Marketing Activity Review

We’ll spend half a day together looking at your current marketing activities to discuss what’s working and what isn’t and how and where things could be improved.

If you have a current marketing plan we’ll review the activities, the marketing environment and channels. If you don’t have a plan we’ll work through the steps of what’s involved in creating one.

At the end of the session, I’ll follow up with a summary report and up to one-hour additional email/telephone support to clarify any outstanding issues.

Content Marketing Audit

I’ll take a look at all aspects of your current content marketing activities to identify the gaps. This will include your website and current marketing collateral. We’ll discuss your key objectives, target audience, key competitors and internal processes.

I’ll take a look at your website layout and traffic and help you understand your buyers’ journey.

At the end of the session, I’ll follow up with a summary report and up to one-hour additional email/telephone support to clarify any outstanding issues.

Social Media Audit

I’ll take a look at your current social media activities to make sure you’re on the right track and delivering. We’ll go through your LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook profiles to ensure they’re optimised for search and if not, bring them up-to-date.

Following our discussion, I’ll provide a list of recommendations that you can take to improve the results you get for the time and effort you invest. We’ll look at how you can simplify things and where possible use automation to save time.

I’ll follow up after 4 weeks to check everything is going to plan.

Ongoing Marketing Support

If you need hands-on support you can retain me to provide the in-depth marketing help and guidance your business needs. I can take responsibility for delivering your activities, work directly with your team eliminating the need to recruit new staff and ensure your activities stay on-track and continue to deliver.

We’ll have regular face-to-face planning and review meetings with email and telephone support.

No more procrastination, get in touch.

Proven Results

Andy’s leadership transformed our content marketing strategy. Most importantly, he focuses on the customer. Andy has advanced skills in SEO & SEM and always links content intelligently to digital marketing opportunities.”

John Pottle, Marketing Director, Spirent Communications

Let's Work Together

Whether you want to kick off a new campaign or discuss how to resolve your current marketing challenges I can work with you on a short or longer-term basis to plug your resource gaps, help deliver your marketing initiatives and ensure you keep on track to meet your marketing goals and objectives.

If you’re a start up, an SME or a business looking to expand to the next level, I can help. Give me a call on 01803 413481 or email [email protected]

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